Stranded Americans Slam Biden (video)


( – Exposing a crisis bringing lasting shame to the nation, Americans stranded in Israel on President Joe Biden’s watch have blasted the administration’s “very delayed” efforts to evacuate them, which came almost a week after the Palestinian terrorist attack on October 7.

Americans stuck in Israel during the Hamas attack have described difficulties receiving assistance from the Biden administration.

The evacuations for these individuals came late, leaving them to navigate the situation independently.

The Biden administration initiated evacuations on October 13, nearly a week after Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel on October 7, committing acts of violence, including against American citizens.

The report indicates that this delayed response forced many to fend for themselves as commercial flights were canceled, and rockets threatened the airport.

Some individuals, like Sarah and her group, tried to leave Israel but faced canceled flights and no clear plan from the State Department. They were even instructed to consider land border crossings to Jordan and Egypt.

“Telling a bunch of Jews to just drive into Jordan right now? Absurd,” Sarah comments.

Major American airlines had suspended flights to and from Israel due to the conflict. Sarah’s group had to split up without government assistance and find their own ways to various European destinations.

It’s important to note that the Biden administration’s evacuation efforts aimed to help Americans leave Israel but not necessarily reach their final destinations.

Additionally, evacuees are expected to reimburse the U.S. government for their transportation expenses, which put some in a challenging financial situation, The Caller notes.

Scott Harwell, another American stuck in Israel, had to navigate a series of flight cancellations before finding an alternative route through Ethiopian Airlines.

He had to travel through Ethiopia and Ireland to reach the United States due to the lack of operating American commercial flights.

The delayed response by the Biden administration to evacuate American citizens from Israel left many feeling frustrated and concerned for their safety, given the ongoing conflict.

Florida Republican politicians such as Gov. Ron DeSantis and Rep. Cory Mills initiated evacuations to help stranded Americans.

“It’s embarrassing to be an American when all of these other nations are taking people out,” said Kenneth Berg, one of the individuals evacuated by Rep. Cory Mills’ efforts.