‘We’re Going to End up in World War III’

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(TheRedAlertNews.com) – In a chilling warning to the nation, presumed 2024 GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has declared that the Islamist terrorist group Hamas’s attack on US ally Israel wouldn’t have happened on his watch, adding that under President Joe Biden, “we’re going to end up in World War III.”

In an early-morning interview with the “Fox & Friends” program on Tuesday, Trump argued that the Hamas-led attack on October 7 was largely made possible by a lack of respect for President Joe Biden by the pro-Iranian terrorist organization.

“Iran was broke. They have no money for Hamas, for Hezbollah. They were broke. They wouldn’t have done it to me,” he said, cited by The Times of Israel.

He implied that Iran wouldn’t have had enough money to sponsor Hamas or another group, Hezbollah if he were in the White House.

Trump also insisted that President Biden was on the verge of forsaking Israel, and opined that Russia’s military actions in Ukraine would have been unlikely with him as the US President.

“It’s the fascists and the communists [who] surround him. They’re making the calls,” he said about Joe Biden.

Nevertheless, Trump did not outright reject Vice President Kamala Harris’ suggestion for a brief halt in hostilities between Israel and Hamas.

He maintained that the violent confrontation on October 7 and the subsequent Israeli counteroffensive were events that would not have unfolded under his presidency.

“All these people that are dead in Ukraine and Russia and Israel, all these areas that are destroyed — people would be leading great lives right now. We’re going to end up in World War III,” the former president lamented.

When asked if he backs the Israel Defense Forces’ operations against Hamas in Gaza, Trump emphasized the necessity to address the issue conclusively.

“You’ve got to finish the problem [because] you had a horrible invasion [that] took place,” he said.

After the October 7 attacks, Trump did not hold back on criticizing the Israeli government for its failure to foresee the assaults.

He has called Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant a “jerk” and the Lebanese Hezbollah – “very smart.”

Despite this, Trump’s tenure as president was marked by strong support for Israel, notably acknowledging Jerusalem as its capital and inaugurating a US Embassy there.

His administration was instrumental in the Abraham Accords, leading to normalization deals between Israel and several Arab nations, including Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain.

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