Army Wants THESE Soldiers Back

( – In a ridiculous though quite predictable move amid an appalling shortage of military recruits, the Biden administration is now trying to win back the former US service personnel who quit or were discharged for resisting the president’s totalitarian COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

The US Army appears to be reconsidering its stance on soldiers previously discharged due to non-compliance with the Biden administration’s coronavirus vaccine mandate.

This development is evident from a letter the Army sent to several former service members, which has been posted online.

The letter indicates new guidance from the Army to amend military records of those discharged for not adhering to the vaccine mandate, Breitbart News reports.

This change could allow those with specific discharge codes, previously barring their reentry, to return to service. The letter provides instructions on how these former soldiers can seek to correct their records and reapply for service.

Sam Shoemate, a retired Army chief warrant officer and an administrator of the military watchdog website Terminal CWO, shared a copy of this letter online.

The vaccine mandate, initiated by the Biden administration in August 2021, led to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s policy that mandated discharge for service members who did not comply.

Consequently, over 8,000 troops were discharged, and many National Guard members lost drill time and pay.

Additionally, thousands sought exemptions on various grounds, most of which were either denied or pending when House Republicans compelled the Pentagon to rescind the mandate through the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act.

Former soldier Brad Miller, who resigned over the mandate, also received the letter. He declared the Army should offer compensation and adjustments to those wronged.

“Many have seen this letter. I just got mine. When I resigned from the Army, it was clear DoD was breaking the law (and senior leaders were likely engaged in treason).” Miller said.

“Why doesn’t the Army ask me if I want my resignation converted into a retirement dated with the release date of this new policy, and along with it offer compensation for the command I was wrongly relieved of, compensation for the remainder of whatever my career might have been, and then offer me my adjusted pension from this month forward?” he added.

“DoD can’t fix itself. It’s run by officers whose loyalty is in question, and they’re in turned [sic] led by Cabinet & Administration level officials whose loyalty is assuredly un-American,” the soldier concluded.