BREAKING: China’s Trump Statement

( – China’s ruling Communists are scared – and the reason is Donald Trump’s likely reclaiming of the White House in 2024, as has just been revealed by a key Chinese outlet for global propaganda, which has urged the “world” to “prepare” for the former US president’s return.

The state-controlled Chinese newspaper, the Global Times, advised the global community to consider as real the likelihood of Donald Trump winning re-election as President of the United States.

This advice was given shortly before Trump’s decisive victory in the Iowa primary caucuses commenced, Breitbart News reports.

Donald Trump, who was President from 2016 to 2020, is known for his strong stance against Communism. He has called for countering Chinese espionage activities, holding China accountable for the COVID-19 pandemic, and uncovering the Biden family’s business connections with China.

On Monday, the newspaper brought in American politics experts to discuss the Iowa caucuses. They expressed their belief that Trump would likely be the Republican nominee and perform strongly in Iowa.

“As the US election year race kicks off in Iowa on Monday, experts suggest that the world should prepare for the possibility of Donald Trump being re-elected as President of the US and a United States that is more divided,” the paper stated.

“Chinese experts believe that judging from the current situation, Trump is unchallenged within his party, and once the general election phase begins, Biden may not be a strong opponent for Trump. This means the world may need to prepare for the possibility of Trump returning to power and a more divided US with fighting between the political parties getting worse,” the propaganda mouthpiece added.

The Global Times describes any policy disagreements between political factions as detrimental division and conflict, suggesting such disputes should be prohibited by the government.

“The polling data in the US is quite transparent, and Trump’s approval ratings indicate that he is still a very competitive candidate. The world should be prepared for this,” said Lu Xiang, a regime-approved expert.

The Global Times assessed that the primary challenge to Trump’s return to power is the Democrats’ legal efforts to disqualify him from the presidential race.

“For Trump, the main concern is whether these lawsuits will have a significant impact, especially if new evidence emerges that could further harm him,” commented Liu Weidong, a research fellow.