He Was Killed How? By What?

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – A young male resident of New York City tragically lost his life when his Peloton exercise bike fell and cut one of his arteries during a home workout, a lawsuit has revealed.

32-year-old Ryan Furtado was discovered dead by police officers in his Brooklyn apartment, according to the court documents filed by the man’s mother.

The mother, Johanna Furtado, revealed that her son was doing one of Peloton’s “Core” workouts, during which he had to get off the bike and do exercises on the floor.

“When rising from those exercises, Ryan used the bike to assist him in getting up. The bike spun around and impacted him on his neck and face, severing his carotid artery in his neck and killing him instantly,” the court filing states.

It also informs that when the man was discovered, the exercise bike was “still resting on his neck and face.”

Furtado’s mother points out that Peloton tells riders to “use the bike for stretching” during its classes while cautioning that “applying pressure on the bike in a pulling and pushing fashion” would cause it to “destabilize and fall.”

The bereaved parent alleges that the manufacturer didn’t provide riders with an adequate warning that if they pulled themselves up using the bike, this could lead to “an unknown risk of injury to the user, such as the case with Ryan.”

“There is only one warning label on the Subject Bike located on the front, right, leg when there should have been more labels attached to the stem and base to adequately warn the user of injury that could occur if the Subject Bike is used to pull oneself up from the floor during a workout,” the filing reads.

“As a direct and proximate result of the foregoing conduct of Peloton, Ryan was killed,” the lawsuit states, calling the company’s bikes “defective and/or unreasonably dangerous.”

In its court filing, Peloton argued that Furtado died due to “injuries… caused by misuse or abuse of the product.”

The report notes that Furtado’s case is the first known death involving a Peloton bike after, in 2021, a Peloton treadmill killed a 6-year-old child.