Hunter Attacks IRS Agents

( – In a stunning new outburst of his trademark arrogance and entitlement, scandalous First Son Hunter Biden has filed multiple motions seeking to dismiss the federal tax charges against him, with one motion personally targeting the two whistleblower IRS agents who probed him.

Hunter Biden’s lawyers launched eight motions on Tuesday night disputing his federal tax charges in California.

They even requested that US District Judge Mark Scarsi eliminate references to Biden’s luxury lifestyle from the indictment, National Review reports.

“The Indictment is loaded with allegations regarding Mr. Biden’s ‘extravagant lifestyle’ and characterizations of his personal choices and spending habits (during his deep addiction) in a way meant to depict Mr. Biden as irresponsible, frivolous, and otherwise of questionable character and integrity,” the motion reads.

Biden’s legal team has taken issue with the indictment’s focus on his expenditures, including spending on “various women,” clothing, adult entertainment, and rehabilitation, contending that these details are irrelevant to the case and only serve to prejudice the court against him.

They argue that such information should be stricken from the record to prevent undue bias.

“These categories of expenditures purportedly made by Mr. Biden are not probative of any claims or issues, and these irrelevant assertions—as salacious as they may be—must be struck from the Indictment to avoid improper prejudice,” the motion adds.

One of the motions to dismiss directly challenges the credibility and actions of IRS whistleblowers Shapley and Ziegler.

The first son’s attorneys accuse them of leaking confidential information about Biden and alleging their conduct has tainted the prosecution’s case.

Biden is suing the IRS over these alleged unauthorized disclosures.

“This prosecution of Mr. Biden has been prejudiced by, and is the byproduct of, unprecedented leaks by two IRS agents involved in a private internal investigation and by those IRS agents’ improper disclosures of Mr. Biden’s confidential return information despite statutes designed to protect and safeguard such information,” the motion states.

The whistleblowers have previously told Congress that the Justice Department had hindered their investigation of Hunter Biden, and recommended multiple tax charges based on their findings.

Their testimony, initially given in private, gained public attention following a report that outlined their allegations of special treatment for Biden by federal prosecutors.

In response to these developments, House Republicans released a report supporting the whistleblowers’ claims of preferential treatment in the investigation.

Hunter Biden faces nine federal tax charges to which he has pleaded not guilty. His trial is set to begin in June, with his legal team seeking a hearing in March to discuss their motions.