Lib Mayor Bans Parking Tickets for WHO?!

( – Democrat-run Chicago may have gone from one bad leader to a worse one, as Mayor Brandon Johnson, who just scandalized the city with a plan for a vast migrant tent camp, has now called for exempting black residents from parking tickets for the sake of “racial equity.”

Johnson, elected in the spring to succeed leftist radical Lori Lightfoot as the head of the Windy City, is now advocating for a reduction in the number of parking tickets issued to Black residents as part of its commitment to advancing racial equity.

This initiative is part of the city’s establishment of a Racial Equity Office, which contends that a sense of urgency can be a manifestation of white supremacy, as quoted by Breitbart News.

This policy direction has influenced the city’s approach to parking enforcement, particularly in communities with predominantly Black residents.

“Chicago has a long history of racial disparities and social inequities, especially on the South and West Sides. As a longtime resident of Chicago’s West Side, I see the devastating impact systemic inequality can have on a neighborhood and its residents,” the mayor has said.

He further elaborated on the importance of addressing historical injustices and including those most affected by inequality in policy-making.

“In order to achieve racial equity, we must acknowledge the injustices of the past and consistently include those who are most impacted by inequality in our policy and decision making, not just when it is easy or convenient,” Johnson argued.

He underscored what he said was a necessity of accountability in achieving these goals.

“Demonstrating proper accountability towards people and the outcomes we are committing to is vital. I am confident that this is just the beginning, and that the impact of this work will last for generations to come. I am proud of the work that is being done thus far to build systemic equity and secure racial justice for our residents,” the Democrat mayor argued.

The city’s racial equity report outlines specific targets for the Department of Finance, including decreasing the average fine amounts in Black and Brown neighborhoods by 2.5% and reducing the percentage of vehicles immobilized in these communities by 5%.

The report indicates that this goal has been achieved. It also notes a decrease in the proportion of tickets issued in majority Black and Brown communities, dropping from 15.3% in 2020 to 13.9% in 2022.