Russia’s New Abomination (Video)

( – In yet another of its terrifying as well as absurd crimes, Putin’s Russia has lured and tricked multiple males from Nepal and India that they would be hired as laborers but has instead sent them to fight on the front lines in Ukraine.

See a video posted by seven Indian citizens forced to fight for Russia in Ukraine below!

Thousands of individuals from India and Nepal have found themselves trapped in a deceptive recruitment scheme that led them to Russia under the pretense of lucrative employment opportunities and the prospect of citizenship.

However, these promises devolved into forced conscription into military service, placing them directly in the line of fire in Ukraine, their relatives have reported, as cited by The New York Post.

Mohammad Afsan, a 30-year-old merchant from Hyderabad, India, ventured to Russia in early November after an employment agent, who utilized a popular YouTube channel, recruited him for a role as a security guard or assistant, according to The Statesmen.

Afsan, a family man with a wife and two children, was enticed by the offer of a monthly wage of nearly $550 for the initial three months, with the additional promise of Russian citizenship after a year.

However, upon his arrival in Moscow, it’s alleged that Afsan was coerced into military service and dispatched to a frontier post along the Russia-Ukraine border. He was killed, a fact confirmed by the Indian Embassy on Wednesday.

“He had no idea he was being sent to a war zone,” disclosed Mohammad Imran, Afsan’s brother, cited by The Guardian.

This incident marks Afsan as at least the second Indian citizen known to have lost his life in Ukraine under circumstances suggesting deception into fighting for Russia.

In a similar vein, last month witnessed the death of Hemil Ashwinbhai Mangukiya, a 23-year-old from Gujarat, in a Ukrainian airstrike.

Mangukiya, like Afsan, was recruited via the YouTube channel Baba Vlogs, which boasts 300,000 subscribers, under the guise of a security position in Russia.

However, it’s reported that he was instead subjected to a month-long military training camp before being abruptly sent to the war zone, from which he did not return.

“I think he hid from us the danger he was in. Our entire family is devastated by this. We are still trying to get back his dead body,” Mangukiya’s father, Ashwin Mangukiya, declared.

Earlier in the week, a distressing video surfaced, showing seven men from Punjab in military attire, claiming they were duped into fighting for Russia against their wishes and pleading for the Indian government’s intervention for their repatriation.

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