VIDEO: Nikki’s Surprise Announcement

( – Defying rising anticipations she would announce quitting the 2024 presidential race, Nikki Haley has instead made the “surprise” announcement that she will keep fighting Donald Trump for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, claiming to be the person who can unite the nation.

See the video of Haley’s announcement below!

After her campaign had scheduled an “announcement,” Haley told a crowd of supporters in Greenville, South Carolina, on Tuesday that she stood firm in her commitment to remain a contender in the Republican contest.

Despite trailing significantly behind Trump in poll rankings, Haley pointed to data indicating that most Americans are against a rerun of the 2020 electoral face-off between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

“The majority of Americans don’t just dislike one candidate. They dislike both,” Haley said, as cited by USA Today.

“The truth is, Americans already know what Joe Biden and Donald Trump will do. They’re dividers at a time when America desperately, urgently, needs a uniter,” she added in what her campaign called a “state of the race” speech.

As Haley was about to compete against Trump in her home state of South Carolina, with subsequent contests in Michigan and the Super Tuesday states, she reassured her supporters and the Republican electorate that she wouldn’t give up.

“I’m not going anywhere,” declared the former South Carolina governor.

She said Trump’s potential return to the presidency would be catastrophic, and claimed that even among Republicans who publicly support him, many harbor reservations about his leadership.

Haley, who served as the US ambassador to the UN, called the current and former president “two old men who are getting older.

She refuted that her campaign is driven by anti-Trump sentiment – as she stressed her tenure in the Trump administration.

“Like most Americans, I have a handful of serious concerns about the former president. But I have countless serious concerns about the current president,” Haley declared.

She blasted Biden’s policies on immigration and the economy, among other issues.

At the same time, she dismissed suggestions that her campaign was a strategic move for future political ambitions.

“Other people say I’m trying to set up a future presidential run. How does that even work? If I was running for a bogus reason, I would have dropped out a long time ago,” Haley stated.

The former governor also urged voters to look beyond the numbers, advocating for a genuine electoral choice rather than a “Soviet-style election” with a predetermined outcome.