ALERT: Trump Crushing Biden In MSM Poll

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( – BREAKING NEWS ALERT: In a poll just released this morning, Donald Trump is crushing Joe Biden by almost 10 points.

And the poll is by two liberal, pro-Biden, mainstream media news outlets — The Washington Post and ABC News.

Here’s how National Review characterizes the poll’s findings in its write-up headlined “Trump Leads Biden by Nine Points in New Washington Post/ABC News Poll“:

“Former president Trump in the 2024 race has a nearly ten-point advantage over President Biden, whom most Democrats want to replace as their party’s nominee, according to a new major poll released Sunday.

“In a 2024 matchup, 51 percent of respondents said they would vote for Trump while 42 percent said they would vote for Biden, a new Washington Post/ABC News survey indicates. On the question of probability to vote for either candidate, 36 percent of respondents said they would definitely vote for the former president while 32 percent said they would vote for the current.” [emphasis added]

And the real gut punch for Biden is that even his party doesn’t want him.

“Asking respondents who identified as Democratic-leaning whether they would like to see Biden nominated for another term, the poll found that 62 percent wants the party to nominate someone else besides Biden. Republican-leaning respondents said they would support Trump rather than his opponent Ron DeSantis for the GOP nomination by 54 percent to the governor’s 15 percent.” [emphasis added]

Is Trump headed for a landslide victory in 13 months from now? Time will tell. But, certainly, Trump supporters have much to celebrate in this poll.