Judge Rips Hunter Biden

(TheRedAlertNews.com) –  In a massive but perfectly logical blow to Hunter Biden and his entitled shamelessness, a US district judge has shot down the scandalous first son’s impudent claims that he is the victim of “political persecution” because of his federal tax evasion claims.

Hunter Biden’s attempts to portray his federal tax charges as a result of political bias faced skepticism during a recent court session, National Review reports.

Hunter Biden’s legal defense, led by Abbe D. Lowell, argued before US District Judge Mark Scarsi to have the case weakened or dismissed entirely, as reported by Politico.

The proceedings occurred without Hunter Biden’s presence in the Los Angeles federal courthouse.

Lowell and his team have put forward several motions to dismiss the charges against Biden, claiming he is a victim of selective prosecution by Special Counsel David Weiss due to political influence.

“There is nothing regular about how this case was initiated [and] investigated,” Lowell stated.

In response, the judge questioned Lowell for tangible evidence backing his assertions, noting, “there is no evidence [from the defense] that influenced the prosecutors’ decision here.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland, appointed by Hunter Biden’s father, selected Weiss as special counsel in August following the collapse of Hunter Biden’s plea deal and pretrial diversion agreement in Delaware.

Scarsi inquired directly, “Is there evidence that pressure from an outside entity influenced the prosecution?”

He highlighted the defense’s reliance on the political controversies surrounding Hunter Biden and questioned Lowell’s ability to demonstrate the Justice Department’s susceptibility to political pressure.

“What I have is the type of evidence that [a prosecutor] goes to a jury with every week and says ‘you can connect the dots,’” Lowell countered.

Weiss and Biden’s attorneys previously reached an agreement on a plea deal for two tax misdemeanors and a pretrial diversion agreement for a single felony gun offense. However, this agreement fell through during court proceedings when US District Judge Maryellen Noreika questioned the extent of prosecutorial immunity within the diversion agreement.

The discussion also touched on whether the pretrial diversion agreement still protects Biden from prosecution.

Leo Wise, a federal prosecutor, criticized the defense’s narrative as “revisionist history,” while Derek Wise, another prosecutor from Weiss’s team, labeled it “absolutely outrageous” to claim the Justice Department is influenced by Donald Trump and other partisan figures.

Weiss’s prosecution team dismissed the claims of selective prosecution as a “conspiracy theory,” emphasizing that former president Donald Trump is no longer in office.

“From this fairly unremarkable set of procedural events, the defendant concocts a conspiracy theory that the prosecution has ‘upped the ante’ to appease politicians who have absolutely nothing to do with the prosecution and are not even members of the current Executive Branch,” the Justice Department stated in a recent court filing.

They also argued the diversion agreement is non-binding, as it was never implemented by probation officers.

Amid these legal battles, House Republicans are probing Hunter Biden’s international business ventures as part of an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden confirmed in congressional testimony last month that his father had met with foreign business associates.

Hunter Biden faces nine federal tax charges, comprising three felonies and six misdemeanors, for allegedly neglecting to pay over $1 million in taxes from 2016 to 2019 and for submitting false tax returns. He is also charged with three federal gun offenses in Delaware for acquiring a handgun during his drug addiction.

He has declared his innocence regarding all charges, and his trial concerning the gun charges is scheduled to commence the week of June 3.

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