Kamala Attacks: ‘This Is 2024, Not the 1800s’ (Video)

Kamala Harris

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – In a new ludicrous propaganda proposition by Kamala Harris, whose entire tenure so far has been limited to public gaffes and word salads, the vice president has declared that “this is 2024, not the 1800s,” as she accused Donald Trump of seeking to return America to the 19th century.

See the video of Kamala Harris’s comments below!

Harris’s comments occurred at a rally in Tucson, Arizona, in which she and other high-profile Democrats vigorously criticized Donald Trump for his stance on abortion, The Insider Paper reports.

This critique came shortly after Arizona announced a near-total ban on abortions, based on a 1864 law – even though the former president said he was opposed to the legislation in question.

During the rally, Democrat leaders attributed to him the restrictions that they argue are reversing progress on women’s rights, especially relevant as the presidential election in November approaches.

Vice President Kamala Harris described the dire consequences of a second term for Trump, forecasting more prohibitions and reduced freedoms.

“Here’s what a second Trump term looks like: More bans, more suffering and less freedom,” Harris told her supporters.

“Just like he did in Arizona, he basically wants to take America back to the 1800s. But we are not going to let that happen because here’s the deal: This is 2024, not the 1800s. And we’re not going back,” she said, causing the leftist crowd to cheer.

The report notes that the controversy over Arizona’s 1864 law stems from the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in 2022 to overturn Roe v. Wade, eliminating federal abortion rights—a move facilitated by Trump’s conservative nominations to the court.

Despite the popularity of state-level bans among some Republicans and evangelical groups, the broader electorate has shown disapproval, with states like Kansas voting to protect abortion rights.

The Democrats are strategically focusing on Trump’s role in these developments to mobilize support for Joe Biden, especially targeting younger voters, women, and Latino communities with substantial advertising efforts in critical states.

Harris criticized Trump’s deliberate influence over the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“Overturning Roe was just the opening act of a larger strategy to take women’s rights and freedoms,” Biden’s veep claimed.

“Donald Trump hand-picked three members of the United States Supreme Court because he intended for them to overturn Roe, and as he intended they did. And now because of Donald Trump, more than 20 states in our nation have bans. Donald Trump is the architect of this health care crisis,” Harris charged.

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