Maxine Waters Attacks GOP

( – In a bizarre rant accusing the GOP of all sins in this world, radical leftist Democrat US Rep. Maxine Waters declared that Republicans are “not patriots” because, among other things, according to Waters, they’ve “eliminated” education in America.

85-year-old Waters (D-CA), known for lavishly paying her daughter hundreds of thousands of dollars from her campaign funds, has been a member of Congress since 1991.

Her latest attack on the Republican Party occurred Sunday during her appearance on the MSNBC program “The Sunday Show,” Breitbart News reports.

Waters accused the GOP of ruining the United States of America while also collapsing as a party on the inside.

“We’re heading for a shutdown. The Republican Party is in complete disarray. It is chaotic,” the California leftist said regarding the ongoing talks to fund the federal government.

“The [House] speaker is on his knees, begging. He sold his soul when we saw 15 roll calls that were taken in order for him to be speaker. Now, he has no control,” she claimed.

Her view was supported by the program’s anchor, Jonathan Capehart.

“I was going to ask you your assessment of Speaker McCarthy’s leadership, but I don’t think leadership pertains to him, given what you just said,” Capehart chimed in.

“No, he’s pathetic,” Waters responded regarding House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

She then argued that there was nothing “patriotic” about the Republican Party.

“The Republicans who have claimed patriotism, claim that they love this country, they don’t care. If they will allow seniors, and veterans, to not be able to get their disability checks, for example they don’t care. If they would allow education to be dismantled in this country they don’t care. If they don’t care about the people sleeping on the streets, the homeless, and they’re cutting housing vouchers they’re not patriots,” the leftist congresswoman elaborated.

“[Republicans] are basically not only disrupting this country, they are destroying it. They cannot claim patriotism anymore. We who fight for the people, claim patriotism. We are the patriots not them. For the Republicans, patriotism is lost. It’s gone,” Waters said.

A five-second excerpt from her interview, in which he claims that Republicans “are literally almost eliminating education in this country,” was posted on X by the Republican National Committee.