Tucker Told He Will Get People Killed?! (Video)

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – In a bizarre measure seemingly censoring Tucker Carlson’s public appearances, the boarding school that he attended has banned the former Fox News host from its campus, telling him that “people could get killed” if he held a speaking event there.

See the video of Carlson’s remarks below!

Carlson himself revealed the ban in an online conversation with students at the institution he once attended

He claimed that St. George’s School in Middletown, Rhode Island, after initially avoiding giving him a clear answer about his proposed visit, eventually informed him that his presence could potentially result in fatalities.

“I found, honestly in my exchanges with the administration at St. George’s, a total resistance to having anybody who they don’t agree with even in the same world. Like I’m not on your campus right now because they — the campus that I went to, and donated to and sent my two children to — because they wouldn’t let me come,” Carlson stated.

“And why wouldn’t they let me come? Well, of course, because they hate my politics. And my feeling was, well, you know, that’s wrong. First of all, I wanna be there. I want to meet the kids. I wanna see the kids. And I feel it would be good for everyone to have this happen. And I don’t want a mandatory chapel where everyone has to come and hear me. I don’t believe in that. I don’t wanna press my views on people who don’t want to hear them,” he elaborated.

“Let’s just have an event where everyone who wants to come can come. And people who don’t want to come don’t have to come. I don’t think you — again, I don’t think you should force your views on anyone. I don’t believe in that. I really don’t believe in that. They did it to me at St. George’s and I didn’t like it — and I said so at the time,” the former Fox News host added.

Carlson detailed his attempt to reach out to the school’s administration, particularly noting his interactions with the headmaster, Michael C. Wirtz, and the lack of direct communication.

He described these actions as politically motivated and found the school’s reasons for denying his visit, including concerns over safety and potential national media attention, to be insubstantial.

“And ultimately, the headmaster, who — Mr. Wirtz, as he called himself to me — uh, says, ‘Well, we’re worried you would garnish national media attention,'” Carlson shared.

“Then ultimately, two days ago, I get another call saying, ‘We have a new reason you can’t come, and the new reason is, it’s just not safe. And if you come on campus, people could be killed,’” he claimed.

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