Witness: Trump Prosecutor Lied

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – Events have taken a nasty turn for Fani Willis, the Georgia DA persecuting Donald Trump, as a former co-worker has testified in court that she had become lovers with another prosecutor, Nathan Wade, long before hiring the Wade for the former president’s trial – contrary to her claims.

On Thursday, Fulton County District Attorney Willis frantically denied allegations that she had been romantically involved with Wade before appointing him to lead the 2020 Georgia election fraud case against former President Donald Trump and over a dozen other defendants.

During a pivotal hearing that could influence her capacity to proceed with the case, Willis, visibly upset, vigorously accused defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant of fabricating accusations about her and having “interests contrary to democracy.”

Willis also denounced the press for disseminating “lies” about her.

The DA asserted that during their relationship, she and Wade split the costs of their travel, reimbursing each other with cash payments for expenses incurred on flights and cruises.

She claimed to keep substantial cash reserves at home, which she even recommended as a prudent strategy for women.

Amid her testimony, Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee of Fulton County issued a caution to Willis regarding her tone in responding to Merchant.

“I’m going to have no choice but to strike your testimony,” the judge warned.

Willis spoke after testimony from Robin Bryant-Yeartie, a former friend who claimed that Willis and Wade initiated a romantic relationship with “hugging, kissing” two years before the former raised charges against Donald Trump.

Bryant-Yeartie and Willis became friends in the early 1990s while attending college together.

The witness shared insights into the early stages of Willis and Wade’s relationship, noting a change in their friendship dynamics leading to her departure from the Fulton County District Attorney’s office.

Willis and Wade offered their narratives, with Willis downplaying the closeness of her friendship with Bryant-Yeartie.

“I think that she betrayed our friendship,” the Democrat DA said.

“I never tell people at work who I’m dating,” she added.

Meanwhile, Wade denied the early start of their romantic involvement, asserting privacy over their relationship and challenging allegations of financial misconduct.

“We’re private people. Our relationship wasn’t a secret. It was just private,” he claimed.

He further alleged that his income declined after his lover appointed him to prosecute Donald Trump, including because one of his law firm associates decided to quit.

“I was forced to lose that time. I didn’t get paid for it. This is not the type of job you could walk away from,” Wade said.

The hearing on Willis’s alleged misconduct in the Georgia 2020 election case is set to continue on Friday.